Welcome to my new website

I thought that my first blog post on this new website should simply be a welcome and a little explanation as to why the change, so WELCOME to the new home of Darren Athersmith Photography.

My old site served its purpose when I first created it a number of years ago but I felt it had become a little stale and my photography had also progressed into other areas. The images displayed looked good but I felt the quality was masked a little, this new site allows me to display them in a larger format where the quality shines through.

My previous site was devoted to weddings and portraits and I had resisted mixing it up with other areas I have ventured into over recent years. Whilst I still undertake (and thoroughly enjoy) weddings and portrait sessions, I have taken on other commissions in recent times and have decided to include images from them in this new site too. So you will now see sports and other events I have covered along with images from personal projects I have taken on such as a bit of wildlife photography. Client images will remain password protected and the galleries will not be visible without the relevant password.

Don't forget, if you would like to commission me for your wedding or other event then get in touch via the contact page.

So I'll leave it at that for now and allow you to have a look around. Please take a moment to leave a comment, good or bad, if you like what you see then great but if things could be improved then I'd like to hear about that too.

Thanks for visiting.


P.S. If you're an existing client wondering where your images have gone they are now in a private area unavailable without the link which you should have received via email. If you haven't received yours then apologies, please contact me and I will resend it.


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