21st October The Wedding of Kirsty & Tosh


Saturday was a big day for Kirsty and Tosh as family and friends joined them at St John's Church in Silverdale for their wedding, followed by a fantastic reception at Park House Barn in Heversham.

I started my day early, travelling to Warton to meet Kirsty and her bridesmaids at her parents house and the first thing I saw as I walked in was a table full of beautiful flowers provided by the very talented Becky Hindley of Picking Posies. Hair and makeup was in full flow for the girls and Kirsty’s parents Pat and Brian were busy preparing sausage and bacon sandwiches for everyone, very nice they were too. Brian is a landscape gardener so as Kirsty was having her makeup done I thought I’d pop outside to get some photos of her with the garden reflected in the window, does it work?

I left the girls and headed to Silverdale to catch up with the guys who were all stood outside the house enjoying the morning sun (and some beer!).

Spirits were high as we left for the church despite the fact that the rain was starting to fall.The bridesmaids arrived in a lovely VW camper shortly followed by Kirsty and her dad in a pristine mini, a ‘proper’ one at that. A couple of quick photos outside and we headed in for the ceremony to begin. Before we knew it Tosh and Kirsty were husband and wife and confetti was flying outside.

The rain was starting to fall heavy now so everyone left for the barn at Heversham and it certainly looked fantastic. Canapés had been prepared by Craig and his team from Virginia House in Ulverston and they must be the best I’ve ever tasted, if you ever visit the town I can highly recommend a meal there. The rain was unfortunately pouring now and the wind was gale force, Storm Brian apparently, so pictures outside were out of the question. The bar was packed before everyone sat down for some great speeches and then the main meals, which like the canapés, were top notch. Tosh’s Dad performed a couple of acoustic songs ahead of the evening entertainment and the dance floor was soon full. The rain did pause briefly and I managed a couple of wedding photos of the newlyweds outside shortly before it went dark.

Here's a small selection of images from the day, I hope you enjoy them and please leave a comment at the end.

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  • Diane Roberts

    on October 27, 2017

    What a fab day. Pictures show a lovely snap shot of their day. Can't wait for the full gallery!

  • Craig Sherrington

    on October 25, 2017

    What an excellent representation of an excellent day. Stunning images Darren. 😁

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