June 2019 - The Coppermines Mountain Wedding of Charlotte & Matt - Darren Athersmith

June 2019 - The Coppermines Mountain Wedding of Charlotte & Matt

One of the dubious pleasures of being a Lake District Wedding Photographer is that occasionally the weather can be, shall we say, not entirely on your side! Well if we didn’t have rain, we wouldn’t have The Lakes and on Saturday as I was out walking our dog before heading to Consiton to photograph Charlotte & Matt’s big day the sky was heavy, rain definitely looked possible. Nothing new there though so I packed my gear along with some umbrella’s and set off on my way.

Charlotte and the girls were getting ready at a lovely cottage in Coniston with bridesmaid’s little dresses hanging behind the front stable door. Jenny Lee was well on her way with preparing their makeup and it appeared that the fizzy stuff was already flowing!

While the girls were getting ready, I went upstairs to capture the dress and little details and was bowled over as I entered the bedroom and saw Charlottes stunning dress hanging over a four-poster bed!

When I got back downstairs the stunning flowers had arrived, expertly prepared and delivered by Bluebell & Ivy of Ulverston. I nipped outside to grab a quick picture of the bridesmaids admiring them and check the weather while I was there, yes it had started raining!

The girls realised what was happening and started to trawl weather Apps to find one that had good news, most were saying rain all day but Accuweather said it would fair up at 3 so that’s the one they went with. I hung around until Charlotte was ready to go which gave me the opportunity to capture her Dad’s face as she walked downstairs, what a lovely scene it was.

Now off to the wonderful Coppermines Mountain Wedding Venue to meet up with Matt and the lads. As I drove up the track you could say the scene before me could be better, but I like to think that a few clouds in the sky up there adds to the atmosphere. Brollies were out but spirits were high, and we knew that the rain would stop at 3!

There was a short delay, I won’t go into details, but eventually the service began and before long Charlotte and Matt were Mr & Mrs Plant! We came out of the chapel at 14:42 according to the information on my camera and yes it was still raining a little but by 3 it had stopped. Good old Accuweather!

We decided to get some photos out in the magnificent scenery while the rain had stopped but we needn’t have rushed as it just improved as the day went on and guests were all enjoying drinks outside. Charlotte & Matt had a little walk up the valley (well I took them in my car) for some photos to take advantage of the scenery, I even caught them taking a little selfie!

Speeches were followed by the wedding breakfast and the fabulous food was supplied by the Lakes Catering Company; it was delicious (yes, I managed some too – perks of the job!).

Before long the evening guests were arriving and some were taking the Harry Potter theme more seriously than others. The Review were playing and everything was set for the first dance, Charlotte and Matt took to the floor and were shortly followed by all their guests.

What a great day, congratulations to you both and thanks for having me as your wedding photographer.


PS, If you were a guest please leave your own comments below.

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